About Reggae Soldier

Reggae Soldier was born “Robert Opha Kayiira” in 1982 in Mukono, UGANDA. Having grown up in a Religious and Musical family, he was exposed to singing with imported sounds of Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Jimmy Cliff, Michael Jackson and the late Philly Lutaaya at an early age.

Between 2003 and 2005, Reggae Soldier teamed up with the Kagos Band for a Musical tour to different regions of Uganda as a campaign to raise awareness for the children and women who fall victims of abuse (i.e. rape, hunger and civil strife).

His musical stardom came shortly after hearing about the shooting of Africa’s Reggae Star, Lucky Dube on 18th October 2007. The news struck him with terror. It also gave the artist inspiration to write a song entitled “Lucky Dube Hero” which he dedicated as a tribute to the Reggae Legend. The song was recorded the following day, and a video shoot that very night. It attracted the attention from many Lucky Dube Fans in Uganda through the Airwaves.

Teaming up with Ras Mubiru (Mubras Vibe Pro), King Denis (, Abu (BVP Music Pro), Musazi (DMS Studios) and The Solid Band, Reggae Soldier managed to record, shoot videos and promote his music through his website ( With this team he has managed to perform at Bayimba International Festival of The Arts 2011 , Lucky Dube Tribute Concert 2011 , Bob Marley Day 2012 .

The Artist has recorded singles such as I Love You, Mandela Madiba 46664, Brotherhood, Exile, Son of Africa, Lucky Dube Hero, Love Me, Poverty, Respect Society, Tewekyawa, Omuzadde, Majorina, Obwavu, Tolufula Luyimba, Kitomwesonyiwa, Tina, Tulibanda Emu, Tutegekere Eggwanga, Tewelumya and Lwaki Omulondoola.

Uganda’s King of Reggae Music.